Monday, 23 November 2009

Asian Adventure 11 :: 20-22 Nov'09 :: Jakarta

For a crowd that is weary of the über squeaky clean and commercial offerings in Singapore, Jakarta offers a clubbing mecca that goes by the name of "Stadium".

Leaving on the late Air Asia flight on Friday, we missed much of the notorious traffic and arrived around 10 p.m. at our three bedroom (193 square metres) apartment fit for an emerging rock band, complete with glass table, over-sized television featuring Fashion TV, and a fridge full of enough mixers to make Mr. Pyotr Smirnov weep.

After lining our stomachs with vodka, we nipped out for a swift dinner of grilled beef and hit an atrocious bar full of undesirables. It was then time to enter our labyrinthine experience complete with intense aural pleasure and hundreds of sweaty clubbers being chilled by an over-zealous air-conditioning unit producing an atmosphere that was anything but "chilled". Stadium brought back fond memories of East London warehouse parties that can only be described as "gritty".

Putrid post-clubbing smell: check. Ming on shoes: check. Alcohol poisoning: almost.

Clubbed to Death rating: 8/10.

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