Thursday, 15 July 2010

Eighteenth month, PRTY CNTRL

"Summer Time" in Singapore = Party Central... This month, we have mostly been slammin' it hard...

Party at The Plantation - Set in the midst of the Portsdown jungle is a very special place: hidden from the masses, nature all around... Man, our friend knows how to throw a good party. Catered by Fine Palate, the order of the day is "drink the bar... dry". We say, "CAN!"

Celebrating Father's Day - Out for dinner with my Grandad and all of my aunts and uncles... The spot we chose was in deepest darkest Serangoon Gardens. The queue was immense. We had even booked a table but had to stand outside to wait for those lucky people inside to finish wiping the corners of their mouths. A feast ensued ~ I think my family thought I looked like a refugee that hadn't eaten in a month. True gluttony at its finest hour. That's what happens when you're not picking up the tab.

The launch of Marina Bay Sands - Slick was the order of the day, once we had conquered the enormous line of dressed to the nines crowd. The champagne flowed, the canapés rocked and the gala dinner was impressive given that the thronging masses totalled three thousand. The Jersey Boys taught us how to "walk like a man" and Diana Ross showed us how to groove like a sixty-six year old should. Truly immense. We rounded off the evening by collaring the CEO who told us that the event had cost no less than USD10 million. After I had put my eyeballs back into their rightful sockets, I marvelled at the incredulous expense but in my suitably inebriated mind decided that it was a fair amount to spend given the total cost of the resort topped USD5 billion. That's the way we roll. I look forward to helping dear Sheldon maintain his three Boeing aircraft by chucking a few crisp notes on red 13.

Another birthday, another boat party - And why not? We live on an island surrounded by rancid, oil-infested waters. What better than to get on a boat and assume the position of "drink to forget"? This time, we opted for the ultimate in P*I*M*P luxury and spent thirteen hours on a trimaran with no less than six flatscreen TVs in the lower deck. A day in the life of a celebrity. For real. Do it, before you die.

Interim documentaries - When not abusing our livers, we like nothing better than to lock the door and watch Storyville documentaries. Recommended this month is Kim Jong Il's Comedy Club - a story about three Danish 'dudes' (for want of a better phrase - watch it, you'll agree) who travel to North Korea on the pretense that they are a small Danish theatre troupe on a cultural exchange. It's difficult to find something so touching yet hilarious, political yet sentimental in the world wide web of moving image.

Third time lucky, Rawa - Once, twice, three times a lady! It's just too alluring...

Next up is an attempt to detox with marginally less partying until hubby's amazing surprise birthday... It's going to be a big one... Stay tuned!