Sunday, 4 January 2009

10 days and counting...

So, finally the end is in sight. It has been a wonderful few weeks, organising the big move, meeting up with business contacts to let them know the news, attending my last Aviation Club lunch at which I heard the CEO of Iberia speak, not one but two weddings, finding out that I was chosen as one of the 'Future 500' for 2009, hosting my leaving party at a warehouse in Whitechapel and finally enjoying a last Christmas and New Year with my nearest and dearest.

It has been a whirlwind ride, seeing and doing as many 'London Tings' as possible interspersed with whiling away the last days and hours at my (now) old job. Today, my parents left after spending the weekend packing up my dad's van to bursting point with items and memories collected in London over the last four years. It wasn't until they left that the reality sunk in that I'm leaving in ten days. The flat is really bare now and we are noticing our voices echoing from the lack of substance. I am sure that the emptiness is pervading my mind and inducing fear where there should not be any. Singapore is a land that I know and where I have family. However, I suppose everyone always experiences a little fear when change is afoot.

The last things to do on our list are to rent out our flat, sell the car, cancel all the utilities and ship our carefully selected items to arrive in time for the day after touchdown. Seeing our new flat is something I am very excited about. For sure, there will be things that we have conjured in our minds that we have remembered differently, having only visited it for a total of fifteen minutes. For example, my partner was confused the other day when I resolutely asserted that there is a glass door separating the living room from the kitchen. (I am now desperately hoping to avoid an 'egg on face' situation - heh heh).

And so, here's to the final stretch. May it be filled with lots of French wine, good Western food and wonderful friends. It will not be long before our time is filled with Tiger Beer, exquisite Asian gastronomy and unfamiliar faces - many of whom, I hope, will become our new friends.

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