Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sin City Settlers

Seven days and seven points to note:

- The local shopping mall (Tiong Bahru Plaza) boasts the fashion houses of 'Wanko' and 'Dressy Closet'. I was shocked to discover that Wanko has more than one outlet and are clearly about to take the fashion world by storm. I'd like to hear the advice the British Council would give to Wanko on 'breaking into the UK market'.

- The local supermarket (NTUC Fairprice) sells live crabs (if you dare to approach the tank with your bare hands wielding a pair of plastic tongs) and eggs by 'Eggy the Eggs-Pert'. Until now, I had no idea that 'Eggy' stands for:

E xceptional Value-for-money
G reat Quality
G uaranteed Freshness
Y ou - It's all about serving YOU better

- Stanley, one of the local market stallholders offers the enticing 'Real Tasty Kampong Chicken' (recommended by my Auntie Dora, and essentially, free range) with the strapline, "It's Really A Taste of Different".

- Given the proximity of the Lunar New Year, the usual fast food suspects are each offering the 'Prosperity Burger', the 'Prosperity Pizza' (complete with a stuffed crust shaped into gold ingots) and a 'Fortune (Kan't Find the Chicken) Feast'.

- I have left my garlic in an open bowl and am about to hang a small bag of salt in my hallway to 'ward away the spirits of times gone by' on the advice of my Auntie Dora. (You just never know when those spirits might come knocking and you want to be prepared when and if they do.)

- The weather has been sunny all this week and it has rained once. The temperatures have been above 29 degrees Celsius and we have been indulging in two showers a day out of necessity. Thankfully, our flat has a designer shower, so it's a lush experience. Yar yar.

- We went to our first 'international party' last Saturday and it ended in a debauched dance lesson including the Filipino 'Papaya' Dance and five basic Bollywood moves. The video below gives you an idea... Just add lots of beer, cocktails and awkward 'ang mo's':

For the Lunar New Year, we will be enjoying our 'Reunion Dinner' at the swish Ritz-Carlton hotel buffet. Get in line! We then aim to become intrepid explorers of Singapore's national parks and nature reserves thereafter, as both Monday and Tuesday are Public Holidays. Rocking!

It's the Year of the Ox, in case you're wondering... so the year for all those who you know who are celebrating their 60th, 48th, 36th, 24th and 12th birthdays this year. Gong Xi Fa Cai (literally, "wishing you enlarge your wealth") and see you on the other side!

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